This clip attaches to the yoke of an airplane and is used to hold important documents. It can be used to hold approach plates, charts, checklists, and much more.


Standard Kneeboard good for holding supplies and documents.


Average sized logbook for anyone with a reasonable number of hours to log.


One of the many necessities of aviation. Don't let your passengers or yourself go with no place to turn. Always remember, there is a bag in the envelope.  


A tool used for finding distances and angles on a sectional map. If you don't have one then you will need it.


Large logbook for the commercial pilot who has many hours to log.


Arguably the best kneeboard out there for all electronic devices! It can hold everything from a smart phone to a foot long tablet and anything up to around an inch and a half thick. 


This micro-fiber cloth contains a multitude of useful aviation for when your memory is just not an option. As an added bonus it even cleans screens.


This is the no frills Kneeboard. It is a metal clipboard, covered in aviation knowledge, with a leg strap. It is simple and sturdy and sometimes that is exactly what is needed to get the job done.


As one of the main tools for pilots your E6B will be a lifelong companion. This E6B is made with a metal construction making it more accurate and longer lasting than its paper counterpart.


A solid Kneeboard made for the iPad Mini. With build in elastic straps and several stands you can adjust your iPad to different angles to suit your situation.


A solid Kneeboard made for the iPad line of tablets. With build in elastic straps and  several stands you can adjust your iPad to different angles to suit your situation.


These stickers are made to cover the G1000 instruments for instructors teach partial panel.


A safe pilot always checks their fuel before takeoff. This jar allows you to check the fuel integrity through the the multiple fuel sump ports on your aircraft.


These glasses have the majority of the area of the lenses fogged out, only allowing the pilot to see the instruments inside the cockpit.


This is the  Flight Gear bag for anyone and everyone. It should hold everything that you need for your flight.


This Is a big and solid backpack with as many pockets as you could need. When Flight Gear designed this bag they very obviously had pilots in mind.


Every pilot needs a solid flashlight for those night flights whether the be planned or not.


Die cast model of a Cessna 172 for training purposes...or play...we don't judge.


The new FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) by which pilots will be tested. It is bigger it, it is badder and it is finally here!


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